White Beach Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay’s most popular beach is famous for its amazing sunsets and its white sand that stays cool in hot weather.The tropical island of Boracay is part of a group of islands within the center of the archipelago. Both local and foreign tourists flock here to enjoy beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, as well as of course a lot of water activities.

The island was once a private traveler’s retreat being home to Ati Tribe members. However, tourism began to pick up in the 1970s. Tourism as an industry grew as the beaches of Boracay became famed as a potent rival of the world’s best beaches. The 1980s saw the influx of backpackers and ushering in further growth in tourism.

Boracay Climate

You can easily surmise that the weather has an impact on the number of visitors to Boracay. There are two climate patterns here locally known as the Habagat season, literally southwest wind, and the Amihan season, literally the cooler northeast wind season. Tourists usually come to Boracay during the Amihan season, which runs from September to June, when the climate is amiable for a nice tropical vacation. The Habagat season, which takes over the rest of the year, is usually marked by storms.

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